7 Tricks To Look Hot In Photos

7 Tricks To Look Great in Photos


One irony in life is when you look amazing but photos look completely different. In today’s world of selfies we definitely need to know tricks and tips about photo shoots. We have tips for you to make you look amazing in every photo:

• Signature smile
Find your signature smile, the one that helps you look your best. You may have noticed celebrities on the red carpet with the same smiles and poses over and over again, because they know their signature pose that makes them look amazing. The trick is to look through and take lots of pictures then find the best ones that flatter you most. Don’t force or fake a pose, keep it simple and relaxed. Stand up straight and lean in slightly. Keep practicing and look gorgeous!

• Apparel
Your clothing style and color matters for a great photo. If you are going to a professional photo shoot you may need to borrow the perfect dress in the right color. A good flat color can make you look 5-10 pounds lighter. Darker colors will trim your midsection, arms, and thighs. Avoid poufy sleeves because they highlight the thickest portion of your arms. Horizontal stripes will make you look shorter and your waist and hips will look wider than they actually are.

• Hands on hips
Photographer Jamie McCarthy advises putting your hands on your hips with fingers out, palms in, for pictures, it makes you look better, it accentuates your waist which slims you and looks natural. You can copy your favorite celebrity and try their pose to see if it suits you.

• Dark eyes
Several experts recommend using black eye liner and mascara to look more sensuous. It makes your eyes pop, which enhances their beauty.

• Make-up that does not look made up
If you don’t use lipstick your lips will blend in with the rest of your face. Using a dark lipstick makes your lips stand out. You should contrast your features to get the perfect look, heavy eyes and minimal lips or bold lips and minimal eyes. You can also try a nude look per personal preference. Foundation and concealer with SPF will reflect light and should not be worn for pictures. Powder your nose and use blush.

• Facial Expressions
International model Sarah Ingle shares her secrets, and suggests that if you have thin lips slightly part them and blow lightly to achieve a fuller look. Girls with round faces should not face the camera straight, instead turn the head slightly to one side. For a weak chin or minimize your nose try shifting your jaw a bit forward when you are being clicked from the side. Keep your breasts up, back straight, and chin slightly down.

• Shape your Silhouette
Your figure is likely to disappear into the background if you neglect your seated pose, the trick is to sit up straight on the edge of the chair which will lengthen your torso and keep your thighs from looking too big!. Make sure your photographer clicks your best silhouette.

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