Samantha French – Sublime Underwater Portraits

Samantha French – Sublime Underwater Portraits

Those who are familiar with painting know that painting a portrait of a person under water is very difficult. How we look under water is completely different than how we look outside, and beside that, the light is more complex under water. A minnesotan female artist, named Samantha French has created these beautiful pieces of arts that moved millions of people around the world! She is mostly focused on swimmers under water and her technique is oil paints. You can learn more about her and her works on her website.

Drawing portraits is not easy, now imagine drawing a portrait of someone who is underwater makes it a much more difficult task. These amazing paintings by Samantha French captures the feeling of summer in such a way that it makes you want to just jump into the nearest pool.

She enjoys painting swimmers and has been focusing on them for 9 years, she loves focusing on painting them both underwater and above water and sometimes does a  combination piece as well.

Her parents have always encouraged her dreams and goals and were very supportive when she told them that she wanted to go to art school and become a painter.

She goes on telling a reporter in a recent interview that this is her passion but also her business, and being a full time artist is her business and like any other business out there, she has to keep her work new and engaging while managing the business side of it all. Managing these two aspects of her career at times can get challenging and stressful. This job is unlike any other job and it comes with its own set of problems such as financial instability, being alone for long period of times in a studio, and of course the fear of rejection, that said she loves every moment of it and wouldn’t consider doing anything else!!!



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