Fruit And Ice Cream Combo

Fruit And Ice Cream Combo

We all know that we have to have fruit in our everyday life to stay healthy. Fruits are abundant source of vitamin, minerals and fiber and it’s recommended to eat at least one position of fruit a dat. But not all of us are a huge fan of having plain fruits, so many of us eat fruit salads or add fruits to our smoothies for breakfast or after workout. Now here is a great idea for those who want to take their fruit salads or ice cream to the next level: By incorporating a little ice cream into your fruit mix, you’ll make it appetizing to everyone. Below is just a few creative ways to show you how to make everyone beg for more fruit!

This luxury desert is made of cream, sugar, and sometimes fruits or other ingredients and flavors. The various varieties out there from flavor, low fat versions, nonfat versions and artificially sweetened versions, gives us plenty of options to choose from.

The name ice cream has a different meaning from country to country. In other countries around the world it is also known as frozen custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet and gelato and they come in a variety and taste and styles.

The first version of Ice cream originated from the Persian Empire, back then they would pour grape juice concentrate over snow left over from the winter, they would store snow in underground chambers called “yakhchal” and enjoy this frozen delight in the hot summer months. It’s amazing how it has evolved over the years and become what it is today!

These colorful fruit and Ice cream combos will make a delicious snack and also a very fancy desert to serve to your guest for any occasions:

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