10 Awesome 3D Arts That Will Mess With Your Mind

10 Awesome 3D Arts That Will Mess With Your Mind

Here we’re going to present to you some of the most amazing 3D street arts from around the world! So What is a 3D Street Art? A 3- Dimensional or 3D Street Art is 2-dimensional artwork that is drawn on the street, however because of optical illusion it’s perceived as a 3D object. Of course you have to look at the art from a certain perspective to get the feeling of 3 dimensions. This form of art is also known 3D chalk art and is very popular in some part of the world, such as European countries. According to one of the most famous 3D street artists, Manfred Stader: “3D street art, also called anamorphic art or one-point perspective art is a very old technique which enables the artist to create a fantastic illusion of plasticity when you view their paintings from a specific angle.

These days 3D art is used in anything you can imagine form web sites, print ads, television, video games, movies and etc. If you want and are thinking about becoming a 3D artist the number one trait that you must have is: being artistic, almost everyone who gets involved in 3D artistry has some type of background in art!!!

Other traits include:

– Being open to negative feedback and criticism.

– The willingness to put in a lot of hard work and long hours .

– You must have good acknowledge and experience in working with different computer programmings and in general have a strong background in computers.

– And the most important trait is “Patience”. ┬áThis type of artistry requires a lot of practice and dedication and is a technique that cannot be mastered over night.

It is breathtaking and captivating art that will have you mesmerized for days!

3d 1

3d 2

3d 3

3d 4

3d 5

3d 6

3d 7

3d 8

3d 9

3d 10

As mentioned earlier you have to look at these arts from a certain view point, otherwise you’ll only see some flat objects.