Breaking Records and Laws of Age

What do 2 men who are in Their 90’s have in common?

They both hold world records for running in marathons and they have devoted their lives to this discipline, one of them is 95 years old and keeps breaking records while the other one has recently retired at age102, unbelievable!

As you can see age is just a number when it comes to running marathons, breaking records and the laws of age, for Fauja Singh and Orville Rogers their running shoes are the key for being alive.

Fauja Singh:

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“There are two noble things in life: one to do charity and other to look after your body.”- Fauja Singh

Popularly known as the turbaned tornado, Fauja Singh is a man who has been through a lot of hard situations in life, after the loss of his son and wife he tried to find comfort in something, he moved to London and found a new sport that was going to change his life forever.

This man has proven human endurance is not an age matter, he is now 102 years old, and has run a lot of marathons around the world,

Amazing as the story of this courageous man is so far, it is sad to know that he couldn’t hold the Guiness World Record, since there is no real certificate that can prove he is actually over a 100 years old.

Canada, London, India, New York, among others have witness his commitment to the sport, therefore won a lot of respect of people. He became a public figure and role model for millions of marathoners. Shocking it is to know that he first started walking at the age of 5 and gained normal movement of legs at age 10.

At age 89, in 2000, he run the London marathon and felt encouraged enough to compete in 8 more marathons.

At age 92 in 2003, he run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, here he had his best time as a marathoner it was of 5 hours and 40 minutes,

At age 102, he run the Hong Kong Marathon, he made his last run iok 10km in1 hour, 32 minutes and 28 seconds.

Orville Rogers

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My motto is: “You don’t stop running cause you get old, you get old cause you stop running” –Orville Rogers

A veteran and a runner from Dallas, he served in World War 2 and also in the Korean War, and then started competing at age 50 in the sport of running, this athlete holds plenty of records, awards and medals from the competitions he has been in.

He has run from 60m, 800m, 1 mile to 10mile tracks and has won over a dozen of gold medals in these categories.

This runner fell in love with this discipline after reading a book called “aerobics” Author: Dr. Kenneth Copper, who is currently his doctor and friend. Rogers says this book was “motivational” and this sport has changed his life.