The Oceanic Penthouse of Your Dreams

The Oceanic Penthouse of Your Dreams

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When we think of yachts this most certainly does not come to mind, imagine having your favorite penthouse floating on the water, going into unknown waters exploring and relaxing at the same time with spectacular views of the water and the deep blue sea. Yes luxury, is something not all of us are used to well not to this extent. This unique design will have anybody’s jaw drop, this seafaring vessel with its unique glass teeming and lego-inspired design will blow any architects mind. It is 5,600 square feet and houses all of the amenities of a modern home and more, it has an elevator, wine cellar, laundry facility, gallery and many more…

This stunning luxury yacht is not by any means a regular yacht and it mostly resembles a beautiful breathtaking Manhattan penthouse an urban delight at sea.

Owning such a beautiful vessel is a luxury that most of us don’t have, but to those who are fortunate enough to have this opportunity, owning your own yacht comes with many benefits, you will be able to be your own captain of the sea and have the freedom and flexibility of enjoying the open waters and sailing wherever and whenever you want on your own schedule. Another amazing benefit is that you get to choose with whom you want to began your voyage with and how many people do wish to take along with you once you start your journey.

Ownership of a luxury yacht especially one that has all the features of your home is even more pleasurable and desirable than owning a regular yacht. You will definitely be the envy of all.

The link below will give you a complete tour of this amazing yacht and better explain the design, so sit back and enjoy the very interesting article :