Mind Blowing Facts About Kissing

Mind Blowing Facts About Kissing

A kiss can have many meanings, it can express many things such as: love, passion, romance, sexual attraction, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, peace and etc…

The benefits of kissing

Did you know that kissing has many benefits and that it is great for your health, some of the benefits include:

-Prevents Illness,

-Increases joy and happiness

-Makes your marriage and relationship stronger

-Decreases pain

– Helps you develop a stronger bond between you and your partner

– Helps increase your sexual arousal and enhances sex

A study conducted by Wilkes University found that individuals who had sex once or twice a week had a better immune system and their bodies were able to fight off infectious diseases and regain their complete health sooner than those who did not have any intimacy or kissing with their partner.

The great feeling when you kiss someone you have feelings for, the butterflies in your stomach tingly feeling of excitement! Kissing is one the many pleasure in life that we all love and enjoy greatly, when your lips meet and your eyes lock the warmth of their lips, such a wonderful experience!!!

In the poster below you’ll find shocking and fun facts about kissing. Also did you know that the longest kiss in history lasted for more than 58 hours and 35 minutes in Thailand? Do you know how much will the average person spend in their lifetime kissing? You’d be surprised to know each person kisses for 20,160 minutes in his or her lifetime!! Do you know how many calories does a passionate kiss burn in a minute? 6.4 calories!

Most of us remember our first kiss very vividly like it was yesterday, also the link will show you the best places to kiss a man, so click and enjoy:

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