Warning Signs of Heart Attack In Women

Warning Signs of Heart Attack In Women

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Heart attack or myocardial infarction affects millions of people every year! According to Center for Disease Control (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Every year over 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States alone. Signs of heart attack are different in men and women. Different signs are displayed in both genders, the common signs that both might experience are extreme chest pain, fatigue, struggle sleeping, shortness of breath, indigestion or nausea, anxiety and stress,  and sudden sweating.

Having a heart attack at a young age is very dangerous and life threatening. Many times symptoms of heart attack are vague and the patient is not aware of these life-threatening signs and symptoms. However knowing signs of heart attack can save a life! An annual check up is strongly suggested for those of you which have a heart problem history in their family.

Having a heart attack is a very scary thing both for the person and for the families involved, one must be very careful that as soon as they experience any of these symptoms mentioned above to urgently see their physician.

Heart attack causes hundred of thousand of deaths each year and women are half of them, you wouldn’t guess it but it kills five times more women than breast cancer does. This comes shocking to some people as this disease is known for taking the lives of men.

Thankfully a lot of progress has been made in the field of diagnosing and preventing this dangerous disease, now a days doctors are using new blood tests to diagnose a heart attack more quickly and accurately.

If you have any heart attack signs and symptoms, please consult with a physician or health care professional as soon as possible!