How to Save a Wet Cellphone

How to Save a Wet Cellphone

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We all love our electronics, and we are getting attached to them more and more each day. Just the thought of being without them sends us into a panic mood even if it’s juts for a few hours, it seems like we are detached from the rest of the world with no means of communication!!!

Some of us ¬†mess up sometimes and have slippery hands causing us to have an unfortunate situation like ¬†dropping our cell phone in some water, or in a puddle on the street. One must wonder is there still hope to rescue our very precious phone, well I am happy to say that we shouldn’t lose hope and to follow the easy steps mentioned in the following guide! The worst thing that you can do is trying to turing your cell phone on before it’s completely dried up! I’ve seen many people who used hairdryers or even microwaves to evaporate water, however this further damages the cellphone.

There is no doubt that water can do some serious damage to your phone. It is critical to act fast, if you want to save you phone! The following list below will give you some excellent tips on how to save your phone from water damage:

– Turn your phone off immediately

– Try air drying it by disassembling your phone

– Blow dry your phone than place into some rice till the extra moister is drawn out

– By putting your phone in some alcohol, you’ll be demonstrating the basic law of physics, alcohol will cause the excess water to evaporate. This is considered to be an extreme measure and only should be used if all other methods fail.

These very useful tips and tricks will help you save you from spending a great lump sum of money!!!