Bizarre Things That Attract All Men

Did you ever really liked a guy but didn’t know how to approach him or how to capture his attention? Believe it when I say men are not that difficult to understand, they might seem complicated and mysterious at times but they are not that difficult to understand.

When it come to attracting a man there are a few tested and brilliant ways, that will help you attract the man of your dreams in no time. Sometimes mixing it up and doing the unexpected is the best way to go about the situation for example turning the tables and you approaching a guy instead of waiting for them to approach you.

Men are not that difficult to understand, most of them want and like the same personality traits in their woman, while some things that attract men can come as a great surprise to you and might even shock you that men actually pay attention to these things.

Some weird things that attract men are:

– Messy hair, women believe that all men like properly knit hair but this isn’t true men are in fact in love with bed hair.

– Expressing your orgasm- Women often think that they shouldn’t express their orgasm before men but the truth of the matter is that men love to see their women orgasm, it gives them great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

– Less or no Make-up, men aren’t usually attracted to women who have a heavily painted face. They love for a women to show her natural beauty.

– Using a loose fitting T-shirt to bed- women spend hundreds of dollars in sexy lingerie each year so this might come as a surprise to them to know that men prefer a T-shirt to bed any day! They find casual attire sexy and it makes them want to explore.

The link below will give you the best tips on how to attract the man of your dreams and to feel great and confident while doing it!