Side Effects of Tattoos

Side effects of Tattoos

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One of the most common ways to express yourself artistically is by getting a tattoo on your skin and branding yourself with permanent ink that lasts a lifetime. It may be fun in the moment and a great story to tell years later, but the side effects of tattoos can be painful and long-term. According to a recent study by Harris Interactive, approximately one in five adults have a tattoo with 86 percent regretting the decision due to a variety of side effects that can occur.

Allergic Reactions to Ink

It’s often impossible to know if you’ll suffer from an allergic reaction from tattoo ink until it actually occurs. The tattoo dyes can cause rashes, breakouts, inflammation, Granulomas, and various forms of dermatitis, according to This can distort the appearance of the tattoo and leave lasting marks on your skin.


Many people get a tattoo with the idea that they’ll simply have it removed in later years if they become dissatisfied with the design or style. Although advanced technology has made it easier to make the ink fade with multiple sessions, there is still scarring that is often left behind with knots or bumps that develop permanently on the skin.

Bloodborne Diseases

HIV and hepatitis are two of the most common diseases that are contracted after getting a tattoo. The infectious diseases are often spread from unclean needles that have not been sterilized, which most commonly occurs at illegal tattoo parlors or at private residences where tattoos are performed.

Swelling or Burning During an MRI

For those who have to undergo an MRI after getting a tattoo, swelling or burning can often occur during the appointment. This can be a painful experience and make it difficult to complete the MRI exam.