The Best Time To Eat A Banana

The Best Time To Eat A Banana- Is it healthier to eat a banana while it’s fresh or when it’s ripe?




This question has crossed our minds many many times, anybody who enjoys this very nutritious fruit has often wondered when is the best time to eat this fruit ripe or not, in which state does this power fruit have more nutrients and is better for our body?

You may have noticed that ripe bananas are sweeter in tastes this is because of the enzymes in the fruit tissue and the bananas that haven’t completely ripened kind of tasteless and not sweet at all!

The Nutritional value of the banana does slightly change as this power fruit ripens, as it begins to turn yellow, its antioxidant levels that protect against cancer and heart disease increase, that said the reason bananas get sweeter when they ripen is that their starch is broken down into sugar, but when you eat a green banana your body has to break down the starch itself, resulting in your blood sugar rising gradually.

Bananas are an extremely nutritious fruit and both green and yellow are a great source for potassium, Fiber, vitamin C & B6.

This unique fruit has many health benefits, it helps with digestion, it helps with muscle cramps during your workouts, it reduces PMS, helps reduce swelling, and is known to aid digestion issues such as; constipation, acid reflex and they are a powerful Probiotic. They are highly recommended to people suffering from depression as they are a very powerful mood stabilizer.

There is many theory’s out there and many people believe different ones, also one of the main factor is what time of day to   eat this very delicious fruit ?