10 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone and iPad User Should Know

What is the one thing that you can’t live without? It’s attached to you at all times, it sleeps by your side, its your friendly reminder to do something that has totally slipped your mind, you glance at it with love and affection and it keeps you connected to your loved ones and can talk back to you if you want it to? It’s our very much loved and appreciated iPhone!!!

These days everyone is connected through their iPhone and just the thought of not having it for a few hours will make us panic and stressed out.

When I did a little research I couldn’t believe what I found, I wasn’t using my devices to their fullest potential and I missing out on all the options my phone had to offer.

I can’t believe that I’ve been using an iPhone for so many years and didn’t know most of these tips! All of these tips and tricks are things I’d use on a daily basis, and they’re all explained clearly and are easy to understand.

It’s amazing how we are still learning how to use this amazing device, some of the tricks I recently discovered are:

-You can use google maps as a free GPS

– Stop your music with a clock

– Take photos and videos with iPhone Headphones (volume button)

– Check recently closed tabs in Siri

– Recover the last digit on your phones calculator with swiping across the calculator

– If  you turn your calculator sideways it becomes a scientific calculator

– You can scroll to the top with one click, just tap the top bar

– Put your phone on airplane mode to charge twice as faster

– Double taping on caps lock will lock it permanently

Dying to use your iPhone or iPad in unexpected ways? These 10 excellent tips and tricks will impress your friends and improve your life, stat!

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