How to Heal Cavities Naturally

How to Heal Cavities Naturally

Cavities are extremely painful, we are all under the impression that they are caused by bacteria. But did you know that they can be caused by various nutrient deficiency in your body! If you have strong teeth they will be able to remain unharmed against acid and bacteria. So if you are experiencing nutrient deficiency it will cause your teeth to become weak and more prone to decay and cavities. The first step is to make your teeth stronger.

According to a study conducted by the British Medical Journal, tooth decay and cavities can be healed and reversed with the proper diet.

What are the main causes of cavities and tooth decay?

1. Having to much processed sugar in your diet..

2. Having a deficiency in vitamins A, D, E, K and vitamin D.

3. Not enough minerals in you diet like magnesium and calcium.

4. Eating foods that are loaded with carbohydrates, the sugar and starches left in the mouth cause tooth decay.

Fortunately here are things that we can do to start heal cavities naturally:

1. Having a good diet, a diet rich in minerals and vitamins

2. Cut out processed sugars from your diet

3. Avoid Phytic Acid in your everyday diet (grains, nuts, seeds, beans, soy)

4. Have an appropriate amount of dairy products (raw milk, raw cheese, raw butter, milk kefir)

5. Get allot of  vitamin D (foods, sunlight and supplements)

6. Try Oil Pulling to heal cavities (coconut oil)

7. Try the new trend of using activated Charcoal to heal your cavities

What foods help remedy cavities and tooth decay?

So we know to limit and to try our best to stay away from processed and sugary foods.  The important things to know is what to eat instead of all that junk, your diet must be filled with foods high in minerals and vitamins. Some examples of food that you should eat are: Coconut oil, organic vegetables, organic dairy, seafood, bone broth.

By following these simple rules you will be able to strengthen your teeth in no time and reduce your cavities and begin healing your teeth.