10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Cheating is an unfortunate matter which we wish never happens to anybody. But studies shown that 50% of women and 50 % of men has been cheated on their partners in some point in their lives.  A study conducted by the University of Indiana has shown that half of all men and half of all women are going to cheat at some point in their relationship. So what is cheating? cheating is a sexual act that is conducted with another person while being in a serious relationship.

This act of unfaithfulness usually happens when one partner is feeling angry or doesn’t love their partner enough or has doubts about their own partner cheating on them or is feeling neglected and ignored so they start to seek attention from other people and the relationship starts going south real fast.

With these very alarming statistics one must try their very best not to become apart of this rapidly growing number. If you have a feeling that something is not quite right with your relationship it’s better to sit your partner down and have a serious talk before your relationship is completely ruined!!!

I must add that not everyone is a cheater, and people should be considered innocent until proven guilty. You should try to give your partner wether he or she is your spouse or you guys just started dating the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they did have to work late, or the other person you heard them speaking to really is their sister or brother.

But if your looking to be certain that the person your with hasn’t got any funny business on the side than I strongly suggest that you read the article , it will tell you what signs to look for in your partners behavior to better detect if something is wrong!!!


10 Tell-Tale Signs That He's Cheating