10 Used Things to Love

10 Used Things to Love

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New Isn’t Always Better: 10 Used Things to Love

I love second hands markets, isn’t it cool to reuse something usable again? They have history and have been through a lot !

Here we have some things you can consider reusing :

1. Pets: First and the most important one is rescuing animals, I am considering myself as an animal lover and I always encourage people to rescue from your shelter instead of buying from shops. People can be cruel and abandoned their pets after they find out any health issues in them. Pets are not toys to change them whenever you want Pets are companions for life.

2. Dishwasher: Garage sales are the perfect place to buy used dishwashers, instead of paying couple of hundred dollars for the new ones you can save a big amount of money and use it somewhere else.

3. Text books: The only issue with buying a used text book is the edition, as long as you can find your edition you are good to go and you can say you saved a tree or two , depends on the size 🙂

4. Old Ladder: You can use an old ladder by hanging it horizontally on the wall and using it as a bookshelf.

5. Your old books: You can also hang your old books on the wall and use them as shelves.

6. Need a couch? if you have an old bathtub laying around somewhere than you can easily turn it into a couch.

7. Need an aquarium? all you need is an old television set to turn into a aquarium.

8. You can also turn you old bicycle wheel into a clock to hang on the wall.

9. Turn your old CD Spindle into a bagel holder.

10. Got some extra chairs hanging around? you can turn your old chairs into shelves and also into a closet unit.

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