The Scenic Route to a Longer Life

Trying to be healthy, happy and relaxed 24/7 is a hard task to accomplish, especially when you’ve tried to keep your diet green and light, or maybe quit those habits like drinking or smoking, or just took a week vacation in the end get an A for effort but still cant get to where you want, to live a more extended life.

It is told that by keeping a healthy diet, exercising and doing certain activities, we will have a longer life. Believe it or not foods and beverages like: chocolate, garlic, alcohol and coffee can actually extend your living. Daily basis activities like loving your mom, starting school late, choosing the right person to share your life with and a simple thing like developing a strong handshake can help you with this too.

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In your everyday living it is important to remember that being happy and feeling good is what’s going to extend your life for longer, how to accomplish this: meditation just a few minutes can bring you peace and comfort, surround yourself with more green! Get some indoor plants this gives your space good quality of air, Also a good tip to stay happy is to relax and enjoy the ride!