8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed:

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Did you start your day positively? Have you listen to your favorite music when you woke up this morning?

attracting positive things in your life need some major works as you may heard this thousands of times the past is gone and the future has not happened yet, So the only part of the life you have control on it is present. Life comes with difficulties and its your job to choose the best way to face your destiny.

You cannot handle all the things coming to you at once, We get stress out over small things in our lives when you are planning to handle all the situation at the same time you will end up jumping from one to another without fixing the first one, Step by step you’ll have to focus on one situation at a time.

The main questions to ask yourself when feeling overwhelmed are:

1.What is causing this feeling of being overwhelmed

2. Are you creating extra work for yourself for no good reason

3. What are your priorities

4. Are you surrounded by negative people who suck the energy out of you?

5. Do you take on most of the responsibilities?

6. Is all these extra responsibilities taking over your life?

7. Are you stressed out?

8. What can I do to make this feeling go away?

Once you have answered the questions above you will get a better understanding on what it is that needs to be done and most importantly what is causing all this anxiety and stress and the suffocating feeling of being overwhelmed. The next step will be how to overcome and stop these feelings from further ruining your life.

Some suggestions are:

1. Change your thought pattern

2. Focus on the present

3. Use a deep breathing method

4. Take action

5. Change your mindset in a positive way

If you still feel anxious and overwhelmed after doing the techniques mentioned above  then I strongly suggest that you seek professional help.