Right Ear vs. Left Ear

Have you ever wonder why you put your phone on your oft ear or right ear? These small differences could reveal something about the person on the end of the phone?


All these information has to do something with the right vs, left brain theories, Left brain has the power to control your right side of the brain about the sounds you hearing and could be changing rapidly while you are on the phone as you may know the left side of the brain is the analytical part and the right side of the brain is the emotional one. So with that simple knowledge you would have guessed right now how the left and right ear may reveal about how you answer your phone. while you are talking with someone you like you usually using your right ear and all your work conversation is with your left ear.

If you are caring for others you use your right brain mostly. Right ears known as a creative part when you paint, imagine or doing some projects you are mainly using your right brain.If you don’t keep track of time you are most likely a right brainer and if you are more likely read realistic books and want to write non fiction book then you are in a left brainer category. Students who like to read and study alone, read independently and work on their own projects are most likely left brainer at the other hand, Students who likes group discussions and team working are right brainers. Rock music or classic music? Which one is more you? if you prefer rock music you are listening to your right brain and if you like classic your left brain is a winner.

There are more factors which can help you to find out about differences between right brain and left brain.

So what do you think you are? a left brainer or right brainer?